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Easy Mobile Recharge/Phone Rental / Internet Package

Stay in Touch with Your Family & Business While in China!

Our Guests / Clients Comments & Feedbacks
Our customers love it!

“Dear LifeofChina… I recently used your mobile phone recharge service and I want to thank you for your excellent service. Paying via PayPal was extremely convenient and the recharge SMS message arrived very quickly. Your service is perfect for people like me who are new to China & Hong Kong and busy with work.

Thanks again. Peter Hill, Shanghai P.H.I. Consulting

“We were very happy with our rental phone & online recharge option. The calls we made were very clear and we had no problems getting through to the US & Europe.

Also it helped my husband solve a medical problem when he was out of credit, people from LifeofChina recharge his credit right away and he was able to contact a colleague in the US & Europe about a medical problem one of our fellow passengers had in the middle of our Yangzi river trip.

Thanks again to LifeofChina and we will be in touch when we next need to rent a phone or us your recharge option.

Mike San Francisco, USA

Discount Dialing Code : 1259300 +Country Code + Phone Number

China Pre-Paid Phone Kit

Rent a Phone/SIM card for your trip to China and enjoy the convenience and security of a cell phone while avoiding the high cost of roaming with a USA / Europe / Asia number.

Free Incoming Calls, Initial Credit 450 min to call in China and 125 min USA / Europe/ Asia – We will E-mail your China Mobile Number Before You Arrive

$59.99 + $80.00 Refundable Deposit

Phone Rental – Select Plan That Will Meet Your Needs (Required for Phone Kit)



Secure Payment

Daily Rental

10 RMB per day

Monthly Rental

150 RMB per month

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